"Siren" is a special limited edition blend of gold, pink, and blue glitters of two different sizes.


Made from FSC Certified, non GMO eucalyptus tree cellulose, this is high quality biodegradable cosmetic glitter. Vegan and cruelty-free. Safe for your skin, and our planet! Breaks down in the wild in just over 6 months. 


Sticks to skin easily with aloe vera gel, lotion, or water. No toxins or heavy metals like in plastic glitters. 


Loose cosmetic grade Bio-degradable glitters made from Eucalyptus!
Used by professional face painters and makeup artists. Never feel bad about having to use micro-plastic glitter ever again, because now there's something better! Goes on the face with a little bit of water or aloe vera gel. Works great for glitter tattoos.

Certified bio-degradable sourced sustainably. Home and Industrial compostable. Marine and waste water bio-degradable. 
Biodegradation will only be initiated where micro-organisms are present in soil or waste water so it is shelf stable. 

Vegan, non-GMO, and no animal testing. SOFTER and LIGHTER than regular glitter. 

Glitter sizes and colors are blended with love to let you shine bright like the rainbow unicorn fairy princess that you are!

"Siren" Biodegradable Glitter

SKU: siren5g